How to Write an Accomplishment Report

by Contributor; Updated September 26, 2017
A well-written accomplishment report can help attract investors.

Recording the achievements of your business or group over a specified period allows investors and interested parties to determine how successful you are in various areas. Most organizations will want to draft an accomplishment report annually but larger groups may need one on a weekly or monthly basis.

Take detailed notes at each meeting of the board of directors or at committee meetings when structuring your report. Alternately, use a digital recorder during the meetings to capture the discussion for later reference.

Compare projected budgets against actual numbers. For an accomplishment report to be educational, the readers need to know the success of your goals or activities compared against the original projections. If your group exceeded its fundraising expectations, that amount will appear as a positive figure.

Create a nice look for your report. Follow the accepted format of business reporting by using a centered title at the top of your page, a smaller sub-heading, followed by your text and observations. Consider an outline format if you have many different subjects to address in your report. Make sure to include your name as the preparer of the report.

Include both accomplished goals and those that did not meet expectations. Future investors and stockholders want detailed information about the successes and failures of specific ventures. In addition, a crucial breakdown of activities and results allows board members to restructure next year's goals.

Use charts or graphs in your accomplishment report to visually demonstrate the result of specific activities. Some readers will only scan the report and by charting the results, you inform them of the most important data at a glance.


  • Make a notation at the end of your report that informs the reader of everyone who received a copy.

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