How to get free Dun & Bradstreet Information on any Company or Business

Dun and Bradstreet reports are the gold standard for background and credit information on companies large and small, both in the US and around the world. If you don't want to shell out cold cash for a D&B report, you can get some of their valuable credit report information for free.

Head to

Click on the Business tab above the search box.

Enter the name of the company you're searching on (leave out Inc., Co., LLC, etc).


On the results page, look for the blue D&B icon or the smiley-faced Accoona icon and click on these for additional information about the company.


Review the information. You'll get annual sales information, number of employees, business address, business description, and contact information. There's even a map showing the business location.


These are not full Dun and Bradstreet listings, of course, which can include much more information, such as key executive names, titles, and biographies, along with company credit information. But still, it's a good start.



  • Need more info on the company? There are plenty of free search tools (see Resources), or you can click on the links at Accoona to purchase a full D&B report.


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