How to find Government Grants for Single Parents for school or personal use

As a single parent you may find yourself in debt and having trouble paying for basic needs for your children. Grants and scholarships are available to single parents to help with schooling, daycare, housing, and some basic needs.

Be patient when applying for a grant, it may be days or months before knowing if the application was approved. Each grant has specific requirements for the application process. Often when a single parent is awarded a grant, the parent must agree to the terms of the grant. These terms usually require the single parent to perform some sort of a service to her community or a specific task is given to the grant winner to perform in exchange for the grant. This is something to keep in mind if you are interested in applying for a grant.

Single parents can attain financial aid, scholarship money and grants for college by contacting the college financial aid office they wish to attend. If your a single dad don't be shy about applying for scholarships labeled for single moms.

Go to This is a great resource for those wishing to find a specific grant for a category that interests them. This website can look a bit overwhelming. Use "search grant opportunities" tool at the top of the page to see grants is available.

Single mothers may also receive grants through the state. The best way to find these grants are by visiting the counties family service or economic office. The unemployment office may also have state funded grants available to help single parents find a better paying job.

Look below in resources for more information on finding private and government grants.


  • Being a single parent doesn't mean giving up your dream or seeing your child go without. Applying for a grant is a good way to get that extra help! Most grants do not have to be payed back. and are great resources for more grant information. Also look for more resources at When applying for grants make sure to have last years tax papers and current paycheck stubs in hand.


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