How to Create a Media List

How to Create a Media List. In order to send out a successful press release, you need to create a quality media list, a listing of those in the press that you'll send the release to. Print and broadcast media should be included in your region of coverage, specific to your target audience. Your list may include contacts at newspapers, radio and TV stations, depending on the type of announcement being made.

Determine the media groups that are important to include in your PR communications. There are specefic media groups that are beneficial to certain industries. For example, if you are compiling a media list for a computer company, you should include magazines and publications specefic to that industry.

Use the phone book, Internet and other resources you may have to locate important information for each. You'll need the appropriate contact for sharing news releases, email address, phone number, mailing address and fax number.

Contact organizations such as International Association of Business Communicators and local chapters of the Public Relations Society of America for assistance in coming up with a list of publications in your business area. You can also use resources such as the local library and chamber of commerce.

Ask each media contact if he or she prefers to be reached by fax or email when being sent a press release.

Compile a comprehensive list of your findings, organizing your media list by medium.

Be prepared to update your media list about every 6 months. Turnover in media can be high, and you always want to have the most accurate contact information.

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