How to Prepare a New Hire Welcome Kit

How to Prepare a New Hire Welcome Kit. Ease a new employee's nerves on the first day by presenting them with a welcome kit. The kit can include a welcome bag and a new hire notebook. While every new hire kit differs depending on the company, you can tailor the following guidelines to suit your organization.

Use a canvas tote for the welcome bag. Place some of the company's promotional products inside, such as pens, coffee mugs, notepads, desk accessories or small office gadgets.

Include an organizational chart so employees can see where they fit within the company structure. Identify whom they report to, who works on their level and who, if anyone, works under them.

Choose the most pertinent documents to include. Standard new hire notebooks include payroll calendars, holiday schedules, information on emergency closings and employee contact information.

Select a one-inch three-ring binder, preferably with a plastic cover sleeve. Insert as many tabs as necessary to separate the different enclosures.

Make a cover page entitled, "New Hire Notebook." Place it inside the plastic sleeve. Create a table of contents as the first page immediately on top of the first tab. Design a "Welcome to our Company" page as the next document. Explain generally the company's philosophy toward its employees. Include your organization's mission statement.

Divide the documents into two main groups. The first group includes those documents that inform employees about the company's policies, benefits and products or services. The second group includes all the documents employees must sign.

Preface the second group of documents mentioned in Step 6 with a cover sheet. List the forms requiring an employee signature. Organize these documents behind the cover sheet in the order listed.

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