How to Earn $100 a Day Online

The Internet abounds with money-making opportunities, and some online ventures can be quite lucrative. With a little preparation and online savvy, you can use online services, digital marketplaces and your own knowledge to earn $100 per day or more online.

Build Digital Properties

The web design marketplace is crowded, but there is still steady demand for web design and website building services. Open-source content management systems and readily available free templates significantly cut start-up costs and reduce the learning curve, so you can start building your first websites with only minimal knowledge. You can advertise in online classifieds and network at local business functions to get clients, many of which will need initial web design services and ongoing support. As a beginner, you can typically charge around $500 to $700 for a simple website. At these rates, you can average $100 per day with just one client per week. As your skills improve and you develop a reputation for excellent work, though, you can earn a lot more money. It's not uncommon for highly skilled website builders to charge $5,000 or more for their work.

Sell Items Online

You can capitalize on items and assets you already have to earn income online. By listing and selling your unwanted items in online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon and the craft marketplace Etsy, you can quickly generate $100 per day or more without ever leaving home. Popular items such as electronics and video game systems can sell for more than $100, as will certain collectables. You can also make $100 per day selling less expensive items such as books and gently used clothing, but you will need a considerable stockpile of inventory to maintain $100 per day in income. As you begin to generate revenue, you can reinvest some of your profits to purchase more items to sell. Some eBay sellers even use "dumpster diving" techniques to find valuable items for free, make any necessary repairs, then sell them. These techniques might involve searching for discarded items behind retail stores or on the curbs in residential neighborhoods. You can list as many items per day as you want. Note that taxes and shipping costs can quickly eat into your revenue. To help maintain $100 per day in income, pass along shipping costs and any necessary taxes to your customers.


  • To maintain your $100 per day income, partner with a supplier that can provide a steady stream of items to sell. A number of online distributors, including Dollar Days and Doba, offer bulk items you can purchase inexpensively and resell for a profit.

Teach Online

Even if you don’t have the credentials to teach online college classes and don’t want to work full-time as an online teacher, you can still offer individual courses in online learning facilities such as Udemy and Fedora. These services allow you to prepare a course on a subject about which you are knowledgeable, then offer it online for a fee. These courses require minimal interaction once you publish them -- often little more than occasional questions from interested students. This frees you up to produce more courses and increase your daily income. If you have advanced knowledge in a particular subject, you can offer online courses for $50 to $100.


  • Though popular learning portals provide a steady source of prospective students, you might need to market yourself to earn $100 per day selling online courses. You can advertise your courses in online classified services to increase traffic.

Work as a Freelancer

A number of online portals connect freelancers with businesses and individuals who need work done. Demand for freelance skills in areas like graphic design and web design are popular for businesses, and companies often hire freelancers to handle tasks such as writing articles from your computer. You can capitalize on your own skills or interests to provide services on a freelance basis, setting your own rates per hour or per project. A highly skilled freelancer can command upwards of $50 per hour, which would require only a couple hours a day to meet your $100 goal.