How to Make a Quality Management Process Flow Chart

How to Make a Quality Management Process Flow Chart. Ensure your employees' compliance with the company's quality management process by creating a basic quality management process flow chart. Use any computer program that supports graphics or tables and adapt the chart to the procedure your company follows.

Access a new document. Title it, "Quality Management Process Flow Chart." Decide whether to insert boxes or fields as text holders. Insert as many boxes or fields as required by the company's quality management process.

Choose either landscape or portrait orientation in the page setup menu. Reword each step in the process as a short command between two and eight words. Start with the process. Insert steps for "Name process," "Choose one step," and "Is step required?"

Add lines or directional arrows connecting the steps to indicate the proper order. If using boxes, add different shapes for text introducing new or alternate steps. Continue describing the process. Insert boxes for, "Follow the step" or "Improving the step."

Include at least one additional instruction for eliminating steps in the process. For example, add a box for, "Alternate step found." Move on to another part of the procedure.

Create boxes for "Possible revisions." One of two boxes should follow, either "Name the revision" or "Maintain the step." If you want to change the process, add boxes for "Personnel authorized to make revision." If yes, insert a box entitled "Revise process." If no, finish the flow chart with a box that says, "Seek permission to revise process."

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