How to Maintain a Safe Workplace

by Contributor; Updated September 26, 2017

How to Maintain a Safe Workplace. Safety is necessary for your workplace. Without safety measures in place at work, we may as well be working in a mine in the early 1900s. Address any problems you have found with unresolved conflict. Putting corrective measures in place is highly preferable to taking care of an injury.

Step 1

Prevent incidents of accident and injury in the workplace by putting safety regulations in place from the beginning. Maintain safety information as part of a new-hire's orientation process.

Step 2

Maintain records of the regulations needed and those you have put in force. Workplace shop safety is the number one thought on a safety manager's mind. Record keeping makes it happen.

Step 3

Inspect areas for hidden safety hazards--malfunctioning equipment and fixtures and correct placement of fire extinguishers. Maintain correct placement of safety equipment and correct problems with equipment as they occur.

Step 4

Determine a rating system to evaluate problems found in the workplace. Report your findings in writing.

Step 5

Put an end to disruptive workplace behavior and unresolved conflict as soon as it begins. Maintain a "no tolerance" policy toward conflict.

Step 6

Follow up on problems and evaluate the accomplishment involved by people, machines and rules. If an employee has heavily documented safety issues elsewhere, they need guidance in this area.


  • OSHA is a great place to check out what is safe and what can be a problem.


  • Seemingly insignificant things like a box left out of place can become major problems in the world of safety and avoidance of accidents.

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