How to Create Your Own Letterhead

If you're writing a business letter, you want to make it appear as professional as possible. Creating your own letterhead in Word is a simple task using headers and footers. You may create your own look, use any font or style and insert pictures or logos to give your letterhead an official feel. Save the document as a template so that you can reuse it.

Open a new document in Word. Click "File" on the top left of the screen and click on "New."

Set up the page margins to one inch on the right and the left sides of the page. Click on "File" and the click on "Page Setup."

When the dialog box opens click on the down arrows on the "Right" and "Left" margins until they are at "1." This will set the right and left margins to one inch on both sides of the page. Then click on "Okay."

Click "View" and then click "Headers and Footers." A box will open in which you'll type the letterhead.

Format your name and address in the box. You may format your personal information anywhere in the box. If you wish to center your name and address click the "Center" button.

Type your name on the first line and type your contact information on the next line. When you have finished click "Close" on the header and footer toolbox. Each page you use for the letter will have your name and address.

Press "Enter" at least three times to skip spaces to type the date. Include the month, day and year.

Skip three or four lines to type your recipient's name and address.


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