How to Make Your Office Space Look Fun Yet Professional

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Adding fun decor to your office space can make your job more enjoyable and help you to feel comfortable in the environment where you will be spending much of your time. You need to be careful, however, to maintain a professional look at the same time. Balance fun and professional decor to create an office environment that shows your personality, and also shows your colleagues and clients that you are professional.

Speak with your supervisor and ask what you can and cannot do when decorating your office space. Your employer may have specific guidelines regarding what is considered appropriate.

Pick a theme that shows your personality, and one that relates to your work. For example, if you are a sports reporter you might decorate your office space with sports mementos and photos, while an architect might showcase photos of his favorite designs.

Include some personal items amongst your decor — for example, photos of your family and friends. Keep it appropriate, though. Choose photos that show you like to have fun, but also that you are professional.

Add a bit of color to your office space to liven it up. To keep it professional-looking, limit yourself to two or three hues, and avoid vibrant colors like neons. Opt for pastel colors in your photo frames, posters and desktop decorations.

Keep it simple. Avoid covering the entire wall or desktop with decor. Choose a few items to focus on. Keep it neat and organized, and avoid adding clutter. Your decor should make the office space look pleasant, but it should not be distracting to you or your colleagues.