How to Take Inventory at an Auto Salvage

How to Take Inventory at an Auto Salvage. Taking inventory is helpful for all businesses, but it's essential for auto salvage businesses. An auto salvage sells parts to maintain its operations. If the inventory is inaccurate, the auto salvage may lose business.

Use a software program designed for the auto salvage business. Actual Systems sells a program called Pinnacle that provides sales screens, keeps track of what part was sold at what price and allows you to input your inventory. Once a part sells, the program takes the part out of your inventory listing.

Take inventory as autos arrive to save time and remain updated. Assign a description for the vehicle and the location for where the vehicle or the parts are stored. List the parts, a description and a price for the part.

Maintain a database. You can do this by hand, but this is time consuming for large operations. You can use a spreadsheet in Excel even if you don't have a software program designed to manage your business.

Update your inventory regularly. When you sell a part, delete the item from your inventory list. If an error occurs and you find out you don't have a part, delete the error from the inventory.

Schedule a time to additional inventories. At least once a year, take an inventory of all the parts and vehicles you have. You may want to hire additional help for this. Create a master list of your inventory and note errors as you inventory. After you're done, update your master list.

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