How to Create a Customer Service Department From Scratch

by Contributor; Updated September 26, 2017

How to Create a Customer Service Department From Scratch. Meeting the needs and expectations of customers takes a lot of work when you're a business owner. That's why so many businesses now have customer service departments. You might find that your business is in need of a department like this, and it's easy to start up a customer service program. And once you make customer service a priority, you'll see more customers and even more business than before.

Step 1

Assess your current customer service ability. Before you start a department, you need to know what you already have to work with. Once you understand your strengths and weaknesses, you can move forward.

Step 2

Determine the needs of your customers. Identify the most common needs of your customer, and build the new customer service department around that.

Step 3

Create customer service policies. This sets a clear model of how you expect your employees to treat the customer. It also creates a vision for your new customer service department. These policies should be written down and posted so everyone is familiar with them.

Step 4

Deal effectively with your customers. Handling their issues in a timely manner is good for your business and for the customer. Your new customer service department should be trained to be polite and efficient.

Step 5

Imagine that you're a customer for your company. Go through your procedures and policies and take the stance that a customer would have. When you role play this situation, you'll notice additional areas where you need to focus your attention. It's almost like maintenance on your customer service department, and a test like this should be performed regularly.

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