How to Create a Basic Company Brochure

How to Create a Basic Company Brochure. Use a company brochure to advertise your products and services. Brochures give customers and clients a visual picture of what you offer. A brochure lays out the information for the client to browse through. Follow these tips to create a basic company brochure.

Use your computer to create a basic brochure. Word processing and publishing programs have tools and templates to help you create brochures. You can pick brochure layouts and just add your own information to the template. A common layout is a piece of paper folded three times.

Use good quality paper. You want your brochure to stand out from the others. You need a great layout and design presented in a professional way.

Design a brochure with your company name and logo. Have your company name in a prominent place so that potential customers associate your product or service with your company. Use images and photos to create an attractive brochure.

List your company benefits so customers can skim the list for information. Start with an introduction and then list the benefits in point form below it.

Add your contact information to the brochure. This is usually near the end of the brochure. Include your name, address, email and website. You want your contact information to be the last thing the customer reads.


  • Don't include too much information. People won't read it if it looks cluttered.


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