How to Measure Customer Service

How to Measure Customer Service. Measuring customer service is an important way to make sure you get repeat business. Unless customers are happy with your services or goods, chances are they will go somewhere else the next time they need something. If you make a point to measure customer service on a regular, ongoing basis, you can always change or cancel something that is not working and find better ways to help those who call your company with a complaint.

Conduct a quick online search to see if there are customer service complaints against your company. Customers who can't get a satisfactory answer through your company will likely go online to complain in forums or websites such as the Better Business Bureau. One or two complaints can indicate a fluke in the system. If you find many complaints by different individuals, it may be a sign that there is a serious problem with the system.

Create a survey for your customers to complete. Ask them to rate past experiences with the company and include questions about particular areas, such as over-the-phone and online service, speed of response, attitude of the employees and satisfaction with the solutions offered. This will help you decide what to do in the future when a customer complains.

Use call monitoring to measure the type of customer service your company is already providing. Call monitoring refers to a third person (usually somebody in management or personnel) listening in during a conversation between a customer service representative and a customer calling with a complaint. Consultants are sometimes used to monitor these calls and then provide training.

Check back with customers who had complaints in the past and get feedback on how much they believe the company has improved and what else can be done to make it even better. Offer an incentive for people to respond, such as a small discount on future purchases or a token gift.

Set out an anonymous box in which customers can place messages. Let the customers know they are welcome to offer both suggestions and post anonymous complaints into the box. This will help you measure the level of trouble people have with the company and see if there are complaints that are repeated by several people.


  • Consider employing the services of an outside consulting firm to help you monitor customer service. This will guarantee anonymity and ensure fairness to everybody involved.

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