How to Increase Dance Class Enrollment

How to Increase Dance Class Enrollment. Good enrollment numbers are crucial to the success of a dance studio. Studio owners are often looking for innovative ways to increase their dance class enrollment. There are several ways to do this. Below are a few suggestions to get all those future dancers to come to your studio.

Advertise a lot, which may sound obvious, but it is extremely important. You have to get your name out there through the paper, radio, posters and fliers. Set aside a good portion of your budget for advertising; it pays off.

Set up a website, and put a lot of pictures on it. Have pictures from lessons and performances. People like to see where their child takes lessons.

Invite the public to an open house. An open house gets people into your studio and hopefully gets them registered to take dance classes.

Create a "Bring a Friend" week. Offer discounts if the friends sign up for class within the same week, and offer a referral discount. This program is fun for the students, and it is a great way to increase dance class enrollment.

Perform at community events. Your dancers have fun showing what they have learned, and performances attract new dance class enrollees to your studio. People may come to see their friends dance and decide they want to try it or they may just go to the performance because they enjoy dance.

Print marketing materials for your dance studio. Sell t-shirts, car stickers and apparel with your studio logo. The more people see it in the community, the more they recognize the brand.

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