How to Get an AT&T Grant

How to Get an AT&T Grant. AT&T gives grants to worthy organizations interested in bettering the world. The corporation has certain missions it treasures and finding this mission will better equip you to apply and receive an AT&T grant. Here's how to get grant money to further your organization's cause.

Follow the directions AT&T has set forth to obtain one of their grants. Some say that AT&T grants are solicited by AT&T and not vice versa. However, AT&T's website explains the process. Follow all the directions that the website sets forth and receive your invitation to solicit the grant.

Set up a 501(c)(3). AT&T grants money to two types of organizations. The first organization is a 501(c)(3) public charity. A public charity, according to the IRS, is an organization whose purpose is to relieve the poor, advance religion, advance education, erect a public structure, lessen the government's burden, eliminate prejudice, defend rights, and combat community deterioration. Look up the eHow article on how to get the 501(c)(3) tax status. Make sure the organization's purpose is broad enough that it seeks to address an AT&T focus area.

Set up the second type of organization that AT&T grants money to- a governmental instrumentality. A governmental instrumentality includes public libraries, fire and police departments, and public social service organizations. Start a public library by going to your community's governing council. Ask for an ordinance for the maintenance of a public library. Have books donated and then approach AT&T for a grant for other resources.

Choose one of AT&T's focus areas and approach them for a grant in that area. AT&T focuses on programs that begin to solve the issues surrounding quality of life. Quality of life is defined as including organization's purposes that are improving education-especially technology, advancing community development, services that aid community needs, and organizations that grow cultural assets.

Submit an application. AT&T accepts applications throughout the year. An application can be found on AT&T's website or by calling 1-800-591-9663. Follow the directions of the online application and attach all extra documents that the application asks for. An incomplete application will diminish your chances of being considered for the grant.

Get recognized by AT&T. Increase your chances of receiving an AT&T grant by being the type of organization that AT&T grants to. Be leaders in the community. Forge strong ties with community leaders and the people of the community. Diversify your organization's workforce. Be a welcoming organization to people of all abilities and cultures. Change your community for the better and be recognized for it.

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