How to Start a Singing Telegram Company

How to Start a Singing Telegram Company. There's nothing more exciting (or embarrassing) than to be sitting at work and find out you're the recipient of a singing telegram. If you like to sing and enjoy seeing smiles and surprised expressions, start your own singing telegram company and spread that excitement to others.

Learn popular songs. You'll need to know a wide array of songs and have the words and music memorized. Pick songs the general public knows and likes.

Buy some costumes. Here you can just go crazy and get whatever you like. Gorilla suits, chicken suits and Elvis costumes are popular with singing telegram companies.

Find transportation. Get a reliable vehicle to get you to and from your assignments, preferably one that's big enough to hold your costume.

Prepare an act. Don't just sing-get creative. Offer your customers something more than just a singing telegram and you'll set your company apart from the rest.

Set prices. Decide what you'll charge based on time of day, location, time spent at the location and costume. Create a complete price list before you open your singing telegram company.

Advertise. Let the world know you're open and ready to sing for them.

Hire a staff. Once you get established, you may need others to help you meet the demands of the market. Hire singers with friendly and personable attitudes to represent your business.


  • Create a few original songs. Write some of your own songs or write new lyrics to existing tunes. Make silly songs to keep your customers laughing.


  • Don't forget about copyright laws. You'll need permission to use songs in your business, especially if you create a new song using and existing tune. You may also need permission to perform as a certain character.

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