How to Start a Singing Telegram Company

by Contributor; Updated September 26, 2017
Start a Singing Telegram Company

How to Start a Singing Telegram Company. There's nothing more exciting (or embarrassing) than to be sitting at work and find out you're the recipient of a singing telegram. If you like to sing and enjoy seeing smiles and surprised expressions, start your own singing telegram company and spread that excitement to others.

Items you will need

  • Costumes
  • Transportation
  • Marketing materials
Step 1

Learn popular songs. You'll need to know a wide array of songs and have the words and music memorized. Pick songs the general public knows and likes.

Step 2

Buy some costumes. Here you can just go crazy and get whatever you like. Gorilla suits, chicken suits and Elvis costumes are popular with singing telegram companies.

Step 3

Find transportation. Get a reliable vehicle to get you to and from your assignments, preferably one that's big enough to hold your costume.

Step 4

Prepare an act. Don't just sing-get creative. Offer your customers something more than just a singing telegram and you'll set your company apart from the rest.

Step 5

Set prices. Decide what you'll charge based on time of day, location, time spent at the location and costume. Create a complete price list before you open your singing telegram company.

Step 6

Advertise. Let the world know you're open and ready to sing for them.

Step 7

Hire a staff. Once you get established, you may need others to help you meet the demands of the market. Hire singers with friendly and personable attitudes to represent your business.


  • Create a few original songs. Write some of your own songs or write new lyrics to existing tunes. Make silly songs to keep your customers laughing.


  • Don't forget about copyright laws. You'll need permission to use songs in your business, especially if you create a new song using and existing tune. You may also need permission to perform as a certain character.

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