How to Open a Mall Kiosk Business

How to Open a Mall Kiosk Business. Many Americans want to open their own retail outlets, but the reality is that opening stores is expensive and time-consuming. A mall kiosk business may be an alternative, however. Lower costs for rent, fewer goods to stock and less employees to pay make kiosks a profitable venture for many, particularly immigrants looking to get a good start in the United States.

Research franchise opportunities and brainstorm your own ideas. Franchises come with the support of the parent company but offer less flexibility. Your own idea is unproven and requires more legwork, but you will likely see more profit and can make changes as needed.

Have an initial discussion with mall management in your area. These people can let you know about the documentation they require. You also should ask about the terms of the lease, the equipment included and the upfront money required.

Discuss your kiosk plans with other workers in the malls where you are considering opening up shop. Asking them general questions, such as how much they enjoy the location, allows you to get a vibe for the various locations you consider.

Armed with the decision of what kiosk business you would like to operate and where you would like to set up shop, prepare a business plan. Some mall management companies ask for this information, and if you will need bank or venture capitalist financing, then a business plan is a must. The business plan for your mall kiosk business does require you to think about the costs involved, the likely profit, and the overall operating procedures for your business.

Secure financing. If you can open a mall kiosk without any financial assistance, then you have the financing question out of the way. Otherwise, you must search for business loans or consider secured personal loans or other options for getting together the money to start the business.

Sign the paperwork with mall management.

Purchase the goods needed to open the kiosk. Buy enough to allow the kiosk to stay stocked for a couple of months.


  • Keep an eye out for the turnover of kiosk businesses in the locations you're considering over a couple of months.

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