How to Start a Pet Cemetery

How to Start a Pet Cemetery. Many pet owners are distraught when their pets die and want the solace of a proper burial. You can provide a peaceful resting place for these pets while running a profitable business. Here's how.

Find out about the local ordinances in your area. Most cities and counties will have ordinances governing every type of business including pet cemeteries. Make certain that you understand where a pet cemetery can be built.

Find land that is appropriate for the pet cemetery that you propose. Use the services of a business realtor if necessary.

Lay out the ground plan for the cemetery. Include a chapel, watering systems, gardens and plots in your plan. Decide how big each plot should be and how much money to charge for each. You may wish to divide the cemetery into sections by type or size of pet. Decide if you are going to have smaller plots for cremated animals.

Present a proposal to your bank showing the costs and the potential income, if you need to secure financing. A pet cemetery, like any business, needs a business plan.

Find suppliers for caskets, memorials, headstones and flowers. Have these available for your bereaved pet owners. Make brochures to describe services and fees.

Hire an attorney to set up a fund for perpetual care of the land. This is extremely important. Once all plots are sold, someone still needs to mow.

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