How to Start a Gutter Cleaning Business

How to Start a Gutter Cleaning Business. Cleaning your gutters can be tedious work. That's why so many people prefer to use a gutter cleaning service. You can start your own gutter cleaning business by investing in an inexpensive power washer. Read the steps below to find out how easy it is to start a gutter cleaning business.

Get Started

Fill out required forms to register your business with city, state and federal government agencies.

Decide whether to start part-time or full-time. You can start the business on weekends and let it gradually grow into a full-time business.

Visit the Ask the Builder website. Type the words "gutter cleaning tips" into the search box and press the "Google Search" button. Read information carefully and take notes.

Generate a pricing list by calling other gutter cleaning services in the area.

Purchase magnetic signs for your vehicle or buy stick-on vinyl letters and place company name and phone number on your rear window.

Drive around your neighborhood and check for dirty gutters. When you find a dirty gutter, knock on the door and give the home owner your business card and fees. Offer a discount for regular cleanings.

Clean Gutters Professionally

Place ladder on side of house to access roof. Avoid placing ladder directly on gutter which may damage the gutter system.

Inspect the top portions of the gutter system and remove any large debris by hand.

Power wash the remaining dirt and debris from gutters.

Remove all debris found around the base of the downspout and place in a trash bag.

Use the pressure washer to direct a jet stream of water through the downspout. When the water runs freely out of the downspouts, move on to the rest of the gutters and repeat the process.

Offer to repair minor leaks as part of your gutter cleaning service. Give customers great service and ask for referrals. Good luck! You're on your way to financial independence.


  • If you don´t own a power washer, consider investing in a "1,500 PSI Electric Power Washer with 17-Piece Accessory Kit" by FAIP North America. It contains everything you need to start a gutter cleaning business.


  • Wear work gloves and goggles when cleaning gutters.


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