How to Start a Limousine Business

How to Start a Limousine Business. As a limousine business owner, you contribute to your community's economy. People tend to spice up their vacations, romances and ceremonies with a limousine ride. More experienced drivers find permanent jobs with people who're financially well off. If you're driving the limousine, you are in a position to make more friends--and provide a level of service to market for you through word of mouth.

Refer to your state's regulations regarding limousine driving. Driving a limo may have some similarities to driving a regular car. But, its length and other technologies introduce differences that you're going to need to learn and overcome. Certain states require a special driver's license to drive a limousine.

Obtain the necessary limousine driver training. Attend an auto mechanic repair class. After training, submit an application to work at establishments that operate limousines. After you gain experience with them, apply for employment with a company dedicated to providing limousine services.

Work in other limousine company positions. Gain experience with customer service and taking reservations. Clock in repair experience. Work in finance and climb to management. Once you've gained experience in all these areas, you gain working knowledge on running a limousine business.

Look at your experiences and take stock of where your competition is. Working for different employers provides you with information on the company's reach, business atmosphere and how they treat customers. Remember where most your business landed. Identify growing trends with regards to which groups represent a larger segment of your customer base.

Obtain a business license. Get screened by your state's zoning law officials. Keep in mind that the home owner's community that you're a part off may not approve of certain home based businesses. If you're running the business from a rented office, obtain the necessary fire, zoning and safety inspections. Obtain your business license and permits.

Advertise your business. Retain an ad agency's or copywriter's service. You could also access webpages that specialize in limousine business advertisement. Attend networking events and pass the word that you're in business.


  • Save money on marketing by hiring a freelance copywriter. There are copywriters' out there that are willing to prove their skills by waiving payment unless they beat your expectations. Before starting your limousine business, read Berand B. Kamoroff's "Small Time Operator." Getting with your local Chamber of Commerce before starting your business is a must. They can direct you to an agency, or group of people more than happy to answer your questions on how to start a business. Many of them will require you to attend business related training designed to help you succeed.


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