How to Start a Spa Business

How to Start a Spa Business. The beauty spa industry is a billion dollar business in the United States. Getting started may not be as expensive or complicated as you may think. Simply follow the instructions below, if you're interested in starting a spa business.

Get Started

Determine which product and services to offer. Keep in mind that certain services require special equipment that can be expensive. Start with basic services like massage, aromatherapy, body scrubs, body wraps and manicures.

Research the licenses that are required by your state to perform the services to be offered by your spa.

Find a location. Don´t get a long-term lease. Go for a month-to-month or 6-month lease if possible. Avoid going over your budget.

Fix up the location for a spa environment. Remember that it should be inviting and have a calming effect.

Visit the IRS website and download W-9 tax forms. Request an Employer Identification Number by clicking on the "Online SS-4" link from the left menu. Follow the website prompts.

Join a prepaid legal service to obtain non-disclosure agreements. Avoid paying too much; most services charge a low monthly fee.

Apply for business licenses as required by city, state and federal agencies.

Set up a separate bank account for your business deposits and withdrawals. Deposit your start-up capital funds. Keep track of expenses. Ask the bank for a merchant account that can accept credit and debit card payments. Avoid accepting the service if it is too expensive. Shop around.

Run a Successful Spa

Locate vendors that will provide you with free samples and a stand to sell their products. Take advantage of their free training and any promotions for start-ups.

Place a wanted ad in the local newspaper for licensed massage therapists, manicurists and cosmetologists that are able to work as freelancers.

Check credentials and licenses of all contractors. Make copies to keep on file along with W-9 forms and non-disclosure agreements.

Generate a pricing list for services and products. Visit competing spas to get their pricing lists.

Create a website. Look at the competition´s websites to get ideas. Market your website through search engines. Don´t spend too much money on a website.

Advertise through radio, newspaper ads and health magazines. Distribute flyers. Do only what your budget allows you to do. Avoid TV ads, which are expensive for a start-up business.

Provide customer satisfaction by creating a clean, relaxing and friendly environment. Use only experienced therapists and cosmetologists. Try out all the services yourself first--so you can rate employee technique and quality of service.

Offer one-stop convenience so that customers can get all the services they need at your shop. Watch your appointment book fill up quickly.


  • Offer gift certificates for every occasion. Offer bridal and couples packages.


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