How to Start a Day Care Center

by Contributor - Updated September 26, 2017
Start a Day Care Center

How to Start a Day Care Center. Day care centers are in big demand since many families must rely on two incomes to support the household. Because of this, a start-up day care center has the potential to become a very profitable business. Learn how to start a day care center by following these steps.

Check state and government regulations regarding day care centers in your area. Day care centers must follow specific guidelines set forth by state regulations. These regulations cover how much square footage is needed per child, feeding schedules, teachers and aides needed and many other necessities.

Write a business plan being careful to include the state regulations. You must present a business plan to the bank or other lenders when looking for financing options. You will not be approved unless you show in the business plan that you can follow all of the required guidelines.

Find a lender or bank to finance your day care center. You many start out small by operating out of your own home or church. This will greatly reduce start-up costs, but must still adhere to state regulations.

Purchase required supplies, furniture and equipment. Your day care center should be fully stocked and ready before the first child comes in the door.

Take CPR classes for adults, children and infants. You must be licensed in these before opening your day care center. Many times all of the teachers and aides will be required to have a license in CPR before working in a childcare center.

Advertise your day care center. Put out signs, hand out fliers, put an ad in local papers and even advertise on the local radio stations. These things will bring business to you from many areas of town.

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