How to Build a Clientele

How to Build a Clientele. A steady clientele for a business takes time to build. The client relationship is so very important because of the time and effort expended to create it. It takes a strong desire to succeed, coupled with best practices to build and maintain the customer base upon which your company thrives. Once a solid clientele is built, protect and nurture it. Your future business depends on it.

Take care of your current customers. They are the people who will become your best source of marketing. Devise special promotions for them. Give them referral gifts or acknowledgement, and thank them whenever you can.

Develop a relationship with your clients. Send holiday greetings. Call them even when you don't want to sell them something. Keep in touch and show you care.

Build a network that you visit on a regular basis. Longevity helps to build trust. People want to do business with people they know and trust. Give referrals to your network members instead of always asking them for referrals.

Make contacts in the press and start an ongoing relationship with somebody who is interested in your business and whom you like and trust. Keep in contact with your media friends, offering to help even when you are not the subject of a story.

Remember clients' names and individual preferences or a story they told you. Keep a file of your best customers and make notes when you learn something new about them.

Give your customers 100 percent all the time. Clients recognize and appreciate hard work and reward you with more business and better referrals.

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