How to Write a Press Release for a New Client. When you gain a new client you may want to promote them by providing media attention with a press release. Follow these simple steps to write a new client press release.

Start with the standard heading. Write "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:" at the top of the page.

Provide contact information. Separate each item onto its own line: The name of the person the media should contact with questions; your company's name, phone and fax numbers; the media contact's email address; and the address of your company's website.

Write the headline: Your Company Announces New Client: Client Name.

Write a subhead describing what your company will do for the new client, such as: Your Company Will Deliver Product or Service to New Client.

Answer the "Five W" questions (who, what, where, when, why) in the opening paragraph, using this structure: City, State, Date-Your Company today announced the signing of its newest client, New Client. New Client, which (describe what business the new client is in), will retain Your Company to provide (describe the product or service your company will deliver).

Provide a quote from the new client's executive (CEO, President, Vice President) explaining why they selected your company.

In a new paragraph, provide more details about the product or service your company will deliver to the new client.

Write a quote from an executive (CEO, President, Vice President) at your company expressing excitement or pleasure at having signed the new client and commenting on why your company is an excellent choice to provide your product or service to the new client.

In the final paragraph, recap the product or service your company will provide to the new client. If appropriate, give the value of the deal (such as "a $10 million contract") or the length and terms of the deal (such as "an exclusive 3-year contract").

Write "For additional information, contact:", then provide the same contact information in step two.

Obtain from your new client a standardized description of their company and its history (referred to as "boilerplate" information) and include it here.

Finish with a standardized description of your company and its history.

To indicate that the press release is finished, leave an empty line and then center three pound signs on the page: # # #

Carefully proofread the release to eliminate errors in fact and typography.