How to Post Job Openings on Craigslist

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Craigslist has a massive user base for job seekers and consumers of all kinds. To ensure your ad not only ends up on the Craigslist site, but attracts the applicants you want, take the time to tailor a brief but effective advertisement that lists the skills you want.

Focus On Skills Instead Of Personality Traits

"Entrepreneur" recommends pulling out four of five skills to place in your ad that are most important in the position you are hiring for. Stay away from listing personality traits, as applicants can mimic these in correspondence or during interviews. Focus on the skills that are required to do the job successfully, such as "strong sales skills" for a commission-based sales job. Mentioning that commissions are an important part of someone's earning potential will eliminate anyone who is not motivated enough to sell.

Choose the Right Craigslist Category

Craigslist lists numerous job categories to post listings under, so think about who will be browsing the job postings and categorize appropriately. For example, if you are posting for a receptionist at a television studio, ask yourself if you want a strong office employee or a fledgling on-air personality looking for an introduction to the industry. If the former is the case, place the job under "admin/office." If it is the latter, add it to "tv/film/video."