DYMO Letra Instructions

DYMO all-in-one LetraTag label makers help people to create labels quickly without a computer and printer. With a LetraTag LT-100T or LT-100H, you can store up to nine two-line designs created with five fonts in various languages and eight different border options. Although these models have different exterior designs, they utilize a drop-in label cassette and built-in manual cutter and have similar programming. Typically, you can set up your unit and print labels within 10 to 15 minutes.


Remove the battery compartment cover on the bottom of your DYMO LetraTag. Insert four new AA alkaline batteries with positive and negative marks aligned with marks in the compartment. Reattach the cover.

Lift the label cassette cover -- on the bottom of the LetraTag LT-100T or at the top of the LetraTag LT-100H. If you have the LT-100T, remove the cardboard piece and set it aside for disposal.

Locate the print head and pinch roller. Place the label cassette in the compartment with the label positioned between the two, press on the cassette until you hear or feel a click and then close the cover.

Press the “On/Off” power button and then push the “Settings” key to customize the settings as needed.

Push the up or down “Navigation” keys marked with arrows to highlight “Set Date,” push “OK” to select the option, select the current month, date and year and then push “OK” to save the setting. When prompted, set the current time and push “OK.”

Label Creation and Printing

Enter text on the display as desired using the keypad. To switch between upper and lower case letters, press the “Caps Lock” key marked with a double arrow pointing between “A” and “a.” To enter numbers “0” through “9,” press the “Num Lock” key marked with a lock image and “1, 2, 3” and then use the letter keys marked with numbers.

Push the “Backspace” key marked with an arrow pointing left to delete characters. Push “Clear” to delete your work and start over.

Press the “Format” key, and then highlight and select a font style, font size and border. Push “Insert,” and highlight and select symbols, create a second line or add a date as desired.

Push “Settings,” and highlight and select “Preview” on the menu to see the finished label on the display. Push the “Print” key. Press the “Cutter” button to cut the label.

Store your label design. Press the “Memory Save” key, highlight a memory field and press “OK.” If you need to retrieve the design, press “Memory Recall,” highlight the field and press “OK.”


Turn off your DYMO LetraTag and wipe the exterior with a lint-free microfiber cloth.

Open the cassette compartment cover and remove the cassette. Dip a cotton swab tip in 70 percent solution of isopropyl alcohol. Squeeze the excess alcohol from the tip.

Press and hold down the black button in the compartment with the end of a pen cap. Press and hold the cutter lever to see the blade and then remove your pen cap from the button.

Wipe the cotton swab on the sides of the blade to remove adhesive and paper particles and then let go of the cutter lever.

Remove the printhead cleaning tool from inside the compartment. Wipe the print head with the padded part of the tool and then return the tool to the compartment. Return the cassette to the compartment and close the cover.