How to Improve Your Administrative Skills

Excelling in administration involves a wide range of organizational and technical skills such as communication, computing, organizing, planning, scheduling and staffing. Improving your organizational skills enhances your productivity and positions you ahead of competitors in the job market.

Set your career objectives to match against your job description. Build up your ability to help you keep up with your responsibilities by acquiring more education. Identify with achievers and participate in incentive schemes at your work place for inspiration to pursue your career goals.

Spend time wisely by prioritizing pressing issues and organizing your usual activities such as emails, meetings and visitors.

Aim at communicating effectively both orally and in writing by addressing possible barriers of communication. Use words keenly and consider the different interpretations of nonverbal communication to ensure you pass on your intended message to your receivers. Take into account your communication approach especially if you are talking to your superiors. Work at improving your negotiation skills in order to manage conflicts effectively.

Mobilize the necessary resources — including finances, staff and time — for each task. This will aid in preparing for the timely execution of your work usually when you have to delegate some responsibilities. Prepare reports for your work regularly to improve accountability.

Find new ways of doing things by approaching every problem as an opportunity for growth and identifying the underlying issues; this will help you formulate an appropriate solution for it. Use technology to your advantage by staying abreast with any applications that might be helpful to your work.


  • Constantly improve on your skills by ongoing training. Mitigate crises and manage conflicts as much as possible. Focus on the end results rather than the administrative process. Be willing to learn and adapt. Be an active communicator.



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