How to Find Grants for Churches

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You can stretch the budget at your church by getting grants to sponsor different church projects that help serve the community in your local area. There are grants sponsored by the federal government available for churches as well as private grants made to churches by organizations and companies. Searching for grants and writing grant proposals can be a good way to fund church projects such as feeding the homeless, running a homeless shelter, creating a community pantry, growing a community garden, providing community health services or offering childcare programs.

Federal Grants

Step 1

Visit "" and click on the "Find Grant Opportunities" link.

Step 2

Type in a keyword that describes the church project that you are hoping to find a grant for in the search box, such as community garden, health and nutrition, community mental health services or homeless services. This will search the database for federal grants that meet your search criteria, including grants sponsored by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Step 3

Click on the title of the grant listed in the search results to read a description of the grant which will include information about the total amount of funding available, how many grants will be awarded, the grant application deadline and the qualifications your church must meet in order to qualify for the grant money.

Step 4

Register your organization using the "Get Registered" link. This will take three to five business days to process. You must be registered in order to apply for federally funded grants.

Step 5

Download the grant application by clicking on the "Application" link from the grant description page and then clicking "Download application."

Private Grants

Step 1

Visit Urban Ministry Grants and search the free directory of church grants. You can search by region, grant amount or denomination.

Step 2

Go to the "Grants for NonProfits: Religion and Social Change" page hosted by the Michigan State University libraries and search for grants using the free directory. Each listing offers a brief description of the type and amount of grants offered.

Step 3

Visit "" and click on the "How to apply" link to see grant finding tips and a list of printed booklets available listing grant opportunities.