Fundraising Flyer Ideas

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Designing a fundraiser flyer doesn't have to be something you do from scratch. Use a template or copy a design from a flyer you have seen and substitute your information. Providing the correct information will give readers everything they need to know about the fundraiser event, including where to purchase tickets, donate items or important dates.


Find a template or design the flyer yourself using your home computer. Choose a brightly colored paper that will stand out. Include important information on the flyer in a bold font that tells readers what organization is raising the money and how it is being raised. If there is a particular trip or event the money is being raised for, include that on the flyer as well.

Types of Flyer

Traditional flyers which include all the important information about the fundraiser can be posted in various locations. Create tear-off notes at the bottom of the flyer so those who want to attend have a reminder of the event. The tear-offs should include the date, time, location and name of the event. Another way to advertise the event is to create flyers with coupons for the event. This type of flyer works best if they are handed out or placed on car windshields.

Shape of Flyer

The overall shape of the flyer can be determined based on the type of fundraiser you are holding. If you are having a pancake breakfast fundraiser, design a flyer that looks like a pancake. If a spaghetti dinner is your fundraiser, design a flyer that looks like a plate of spaghetti and meatballs. If your holding a car wash fundraiser, design the flyer to resemble a bucket and soap suds with the information in different bubbles or on the bucket itself. Be creative and use your imagination when designing the shape of the flyer.

Distribution of Flyers

How you advertise or distribute flyers is an important part in spreading the word about your fund raising event. Hanging flyers on community bulletin boards or in the lobby of public stores is a good way to get the general public involved in the event. Have one of the flyers printed as an ad in the local newspaper if there is money in your budget for advertising. Pass out flyers at community events, craft fairs or outside stores on weekend mornings when most people do their shopping. Check with the stores prior to handing out flyers to be sure it is allowed. Place flyers on car windshields at the mall or grocery store if you have an large amount to distribute.