How to Get Funding for Cancer Patients

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Whether you're an individual in your community or a parent who needs financial assistance for a child with cancer, it's possible to obtain funding to get those needs met. One good way to get funding for a cancer patient is to get together with neighbors, local church leaders and some good friends to hold a fund-raising event where guests will pay a fee to get in. For example, you can hold a fashion show for the community at a civic center, where the models are from local elementary and high schools. You can use the proceeds to set up a fund for the cancer patient.

Write letters to local non-profit organizations that offer financial assistance to those in need. In the letters, discuss the cancer patient's life story, his or her future goals, the nature of the patient's illness, how much funding the patient will need and the time frame that the funds will be needed. To make it inspirational and personal, let the cancer patient write the letters.

Meet with religious organizations. If you're the director of a hospice for terminal cancer patients, talk with the organizations' directors about your center's financial needs and how you plan to use the funds they'll give you. For example, if your hospice's food pantry is low on food for the patients to have hot meals, discuss your funding needs regarding the replenishment of the hospice's food pantry.

Utilize the local media. Visit your radio and TV stations and meet with the general managers to discuss the possibility of bringing awareness to the general public about your funding needs for cancer patients. Discuss holding a radio fundraiser or TV telethon so that listeners or viewers can donate funds to your cause.

Get a professional to build a website for donors to offer money to the cancer patients. On the website, include pictures of the patients with a brief biography underneath each picture. Discuss what the patients' needs are, how you plan to meet those needs and specifically how much funding will be necessary to reach your goals. Also include a Web page allowing donors to send money through PayPal using their credit cards or checks.