Service Delivery Management Training

A service delivery manager (SDM) needs a skill-set that enables him to supervise client services, enforce policies and procedures, and provide reports and service level agreements, among other tasks. The right training can help a SDM develop this skill-set.


A service delivery management (SDM) training course may consist of several modules, covering issues such as dealing with service level agreements, monitoring and reporting operations, and service improvement.

Teaching Methods

A SDM training course may be taught using various methods including lectures, tutorials, assignments and case study analysis. The training provider may also offer online training.


At the end of a course, participants may be required to take examinations to evaluate the progress they have made during the training.


SDMs looking for a training service provider or course should consider criteria such as price, location, time frames, schedule, and the qualifications and reputation of the provider.


The benefits of SDM training include the attainment of recognized qualifications, a thorough understanding of service delivery management and the consolidation of your current knowledge. Such training can help you improve your professional performance and boost future career prospects.


SDM training alone cannot turn you into a high-performing SDM or resolve any service delivery issues within your organization. Complement training with adherence to best practice processes and the setting of motivational targets.


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