There's no law in America against buying bulk phone numbers, but it is considered unethical. Business people prefer amassing information on potential customers themselves. For instance, customers will volunteer personal information to win prizes. Information obtained this way is reliable.

Tips for Buying Bulk Phone Numbers


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Many websites exist that sell bulk phone numbers. Often a high percentage of those numbers will no longer be in service. This is because phone number lists can be old and outdated or obtained from unreliable sources. Also, some foreign counties are notorious for scams. Once you pay for the phone numbers, you may receive dummy lists of numbers that have been faked.

Sales Calls Unwelcome Here


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In the United States, most people dislike sales calls. They find them offensive and a waste of time. In most instances, making random calls to people who don't know you or your product sends a negative message. Often, the person answering the phone will hang up on you. Most consumers consider unsolicited phone calls to be an intrusion upon their privacy.

Dealing With Reputable Websites


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If you decide to move forward in purchasing bulk phone numbers, do some research. Look into any company you are considering to see if there are negative blog posts about them. Once you have purchased the numbers, you have very little recourse in getting a refund. The Internet can be great, but it is also used for fraudulent purposes. Take precautions in making certain the company you're dealing with is reputable.