What Is Batch in Bank Receipts?

by William Adkins; Updated September 26, 2017
Removing a Transaction Slip from a Cash Machine

If you want to make several dozen cookies for a party, you don’t bake them one at a time. On other hand, you can’t do all the cookies at once. The efficient solution is to split the cookies up into several groups, or batches, and put one batch at a time in the oven. Banks do much the same thing. Transactions customers carry out each day aren’t processed one at a time. Banks do the processing in batches at a later time. The term “batch” does have a special connotation when it appears on bank receipts.

Processing Bank Deposits

When you make a bank deposit, it might include several checks in addition to cash. You will usually see the word batch printed somewhere on the receipt for the deposit. The receipt lists only the total deposit amount and not the amount of each item deposited. The deposit transaction is typically processed at night after the bank closes. When a deposit includes multiple items like checks, they are grouped together and processed as a batch transaction.

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