"Drawer statement" is a technical public relations term. It refers to a document prepared by a professional, usually from the PR department, to give background or explanatory information about an issue, product or event. A drawer memo is meant to be kept "in a drawer" and not released to the general public. It is used as reference by salespeople, support personnel, customer service agents and spokespeople.

Sales or Service

Drawer statements can give background or specifications of a product for salespeople or customer service agents in response to problems with a particular product. It often gives the "prepared" or "pat" answer to a challenging or undesirable question.

Press Conferences

A drawer statement is often given to a spokesperson or company official prior to a press conference. The drawer statement gives answers to questions the PR department anticipates journalists might ask, which will lead to topics the company wishes to avoid addressing at the press conference. The drawer statement is for the private use of the spokesperson and provides answers meant to satisfy the questioner without leading to undesirable conversations.


Drawer statements have a way of leaking to the public or press, particularly if they are especially incriminating. It's best to limit distribution of drawer statements and carefully explain their purpose to those who receive them.