"Leisure provision" usually refers to those industries and people who provide leisure for general consumption, although it is a term also sometimes used in health care and public policy discussions. A variety of factors affect the provision of leisure, including the resources of individuals and the economy of the area as a whole.


The two primary areas of leisure provision are home-based and outside of the home. Home-based leisure provision includes media, gardening, caring for a pet and other activities occurring inside the home. Outside of the home, leisure provision includes casinos, sports arenas, restaurants and bars, among other establishments.

Industry Type

Leisure provision is primarily considered to be a service-based industry. Though there may be a product involved (for instance movies at a cinema or food at a restaurant), the primary leisure provision of the business is the service it provides in getting its product to the consumer.


A number of factors limit the ability of individuals responsible for the successful running of businesses in the leisure provision from achieving their goals. Consumers of leisure products have a limited amount of time, money and other resources that must be overcome to provide for the maximum profit of businesspeople in the field of leisure provision.