What Is Employee Orientation?

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During employee orientation, new hires are introduced and welcomed. The orientation is meant to educate new employees about the goals and responsibilities of the position and company, as well as to answer any questions they may have about HR, benefits and payroll information.


On their first day, employees should be given a warm welcome in the form of a hearty introduction to bosses and coworkers. A welcome packet is usually also provided.

Tour of Facilities

According to Berkeley's Guide to Managing Human Resources, employees are generally given a broad tour of the facilities. This tour will probably include the front office, HR, stairways and elevators, copy centers, restrooms, cafeteria and break areas. The new employee will also be directed to her new workspace.


The employee orientation includes a review of company policies and guidelines. Mission statements, ethics, working hours, dress codes, office equipment and organization, visitor policies, and telephone, Internet and e-mail use will also be discussed, according to Berkeley.


Microsoft's employee orientation templates includes an overview of benefits such as pay, health benefits, holidays and time off, overtime, payroll, and leaves of absence procedures.

Wrapping Up

HR-related questions or questions regarding specific job responsibilities should be allowed at this point. HR or whomever is administrating the orientation should provide the new employee with a person to contact with additional inquiries.


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