Residents of Jamaica don't have any alternative but to import their vehicles from another country because there aren't any automobile manufacturers located on the island. There are several cost associated with importing a vehicle to Jamaica.


Prior to shipping a vehicle, the shipper must apply to the Jamaica trade board for an import license. When applying for a license, importers must present proof of the vehicle's ownership, two forms of identification and a taxpayers registration number (TRN).


The vehicles are placed in a steel container so the size, dimensions and VIN must be presented to the shipping agent.

Time Frame

The time it takes to reach Jamaica is dependent upon the port of exit. It normally takes a ship 3 days to reach Jamaica from the port in Miami, Florida.


Vehicles from 750 to 1200 cubic feet can cost from $1,200 to $3,500. Prices will vary between shipping agents and vehicle location.


A custom broker is required to clear all vehicles sent to the island. In addition to broker fees, the importer will be required to pay customs and import duties.


Custom duties are assessed according to the vehicle's engine size. Storage fees will accrue if vehicles are not cleared in a timely manner.