How Much Is an 800 Number?

Whether you are a business of one or many, securing an 800 number can improve the image of your business by giving prospective customers the feeling they are contacting a professional establishment.


Toll-free telephone numbers include: 800, 888, 866 and 877. These numbers are popular for personal and business use for portability novelty, and enhanced voice mail technology. Toll-free numbers are best known because the caller can dial these numbers for free.


800 numbers are the original toll-free number directory. In fact, 800 numbers are more recognizable and more likely to be dialed. For this reason, having an 800 number can offer credibility to your business. Other benefits include the ability to keep the same number regardless of where you move, create vanity numbers (allowing callers to use the lettering on their telephone keypads), and being able to route calls to a land line, cellphone, or voice mail.


The common features offered by toll-free number providers include: online account management, call forwarding, additional extensions, voice mail, e-mail notification, music on hold and recorded greetings.


Many companies like Ring Central offer online hosting of your virtual phone number. All incoming calls are posted to your online account in real-time. Ring Central calling plans start at $9.99 per month (based on annual pricing) or $14.99 per month (based on monthly pricing) for 100 minutes. Billing is charged for incoming calls only. Additional minutes that surpass the monthly allotment vary based on the plan you select. Additional minutes are not charged if calls are forwarded to another telephone number such as a land line or cellphone.


Registering and activating a toll-free number is quick and easy. Many providers offer a free trial period to new customers. Even with the free trial, a one-time setup fee is typically charged for 800 numbers (as opposed to 888, 866, and 877) and vanity numbers. Once you continue beyond the free trial, you will be charged for the plan minutes you selected at registration. Ring Central plans start at $9.99 for 100 minutes per month based on annual pricing.