A project is a defined work effort with start and end dates. The key project management processes provide a framework for a project manager to successfully complete a project on time and within budget, while meeting or exceeding stakeholder expectations.


Develop the project plan. Define the scope, requirements for expected results, human resources and materials. Develop time and cost estimates, and identify risk and quality measures. Create team building, communications, change and risk management plans.


Select, purchase or contract resources identified in the project plan, including human and material resources, outside vendors and contractors with specific expertise.


Implement activities to produce expected results. Test to ensure results meet stakeholder expectations. Use quality controls to identify variances and risk management to identify new risk.


Track, monitor and control progress using project management tools and techniques. Compare projected versus actual results. Update project plan. Repeat Step 3.


Close out all contracts and finalize administrative activities and documents. Conduct a lesson learned session with the project team. Share results with the project team and stakeholder.