There are a lot of things that take place when you first open a checking account. Some things take a little bit of time to take effect before your account is active. One of the things you will be issued are starter checks. These checks serve a temporary need until everything is finalized.



Time Frame


While the customer is waiting for their checks to arrive in the mail the bank will issue some temporary bank starter checks. Unlike the customers own checks these starter checks will not have the customers name and address but they will have the bank routing number and the customers checking account number.


The bank starter checks will start with the number 001 through 005. Most banks issue customers 5 starter checks but it can vary from bank to bank. These checks can be used until the regular checks are received.


Customers need to write their name and address at the top of the starter check prior to mailing one out. Once a check is mailed to pay a debt the customer should log the information into their check register just as they would their normal checks.


Starter checks are not returned to the customer after they are cashed but a truncated copy will be included with the monthly statement.