Receiving donations is sometimes the only way local non-profit organizations and charity groups can continue to operate and work toward their causes. People in charge of seeking out these donations can make their requests via email. The more time and effort you put into writing the email, the more likely it is that you might persuade the people on your email list to donate to your organization or group.

1. Step 1

Add a catchy subject line to your email. The subject is what grabs the recipients’ attention and leads to opening and reading the email. Something like “Donation Request” is likely to get deleted, while “Local Homeless Children Need You Today!” might grab the reader’s attention more effectively.

2. Step 2

Explain the nature of your cause. Using the example above, your organization might provide shelter for local homeless children and families. Talk about your cause at the beginning of the donation request email so that the recipients understand what it is that you do.

3. Step 3

Talk about how the donations you receive will be used. Use specific numbers whenever possible. For example, a donation of $75 might be enough to feed one homeless child for a month. These suggested amounts will give recipients a better idea of how much to donate.

4. Step 4

Ask for the donation. When emailing a donation request, ask for it. This makes it more likely that your recipients understand what you want from them and will take action. Always include a name and address for people to send donations to, as well as any other ways to donate, such as through Paypal or by credit card, to make donating as easy as possible for the recipient.

5. Step 5

Use short paragraphs in your email of just a sentence or two. This helps readers skim the email, get the idea and move onto donating faster.

6. Step 6

Thank the recipients for taking the time to read the email and in advance for donating. Show your appreciation and gratitude for their generosity, and they’ll be more inclined to donate.