Easy One-Day Fundraiser Ideas

veggie stand image by Mat Hayward from Fotolia.com

When you need to raise money, but don't have a lot of time, one-day fundraisers are perfect. There are many fundraisers you can do that are easy to organize and execute. Also, some cost you little to no money, so your earnings will all go toward your good cause.

Gift Wrapping

Near the holiday season, set up a gift wrapping booth. Offer to wrap presents for people and charge per present, or by donation. Make sure people know what you are raising money for. Do a bit of publicity ahead of time and get as many people there as you can. Set up your booth at a local school or in a mall---but check with the proper authorities before setting up in any public property area.

Exam Survival Kits

Put together survival kits for finals and midterms at your school (college or high school). Include things like energy drinks, candy, fruit and anything else you think is appropriate for students cramming for tests. Buy items in bulk at a store like Costco. Sell your survival kits in the morning and deliver them in the afternoon.

Tailgate BBQ

Before a football game, have a tailgate BBQ. Let people know the event will be taking place, and make sure it is okay with the school administration. Plan the BBQ for a big rivalry game so people are there early and you attract as many people as possible. Cook burgers and hotdogs and have chips and drinks for sale, as well.

Yard Sale

Get everyone in your group to participate in a yard sale. Set it up early in the morning and let it run all day. The more things you can get donated, the more money you can make. Afterward, you can donate any leftover items, or keep trying to sell them to raise more money.


Coordinate with local restaurants and ask them to donate a portion of their sales to your cause. Then send out fliers and let people know that if they eat lunch or dinner at the establishment, part of their meal cost will benefit your cause. This type of fundraiser is very easy because all you have to do is coordinate and get the word out. Once that is over, your job is done.