The scrapbook materials you donate can change a child's life. Different organizations that provide services to children and families welcome scrapbooking supply donations because they give children a chance to create memories on paper that they can treasure. A variety of donation options exist such as non-profit organizations who assist abused children, children fighting terminal disease or those with limited mobility. Or, you can choose to donate directly to an organization within your community such as a school, church or adult education center.

Step 1.

Select a non-profit association that addresses a cause you wish to support such as abused children or children with specific disabilities. Visit and search for a non-profit in your city or state. Names and descriptions of non-profit organizations, as well as website addresses, are available on the site.

Step 2.

Verify that the charity is legitimate and has a good reputation. Consult the Better Business Bureau at and reference the "Charities and Donations" sections of the site to search for information on the charity. As an alternative, request a copy of Form 990 from the charity. This is a financial report, filed with the federal government, that shows how the organization uses its funds.

Step 3.

Visit the website for the organization you choose to learn how to donate, or call the organization directly and inquire about donation guidelines. Call associations that don't have specific information regarding scrapbooking supplies on their website to determine if they have a need for the donation before sending it. Decide on an alternative organization to donate to if your first choice won't accept the supplies.

Step 4.

Gather your scrapbooking supplies, according to the guidelines, and hand-deliver or mail them to the organization you have chosen to receive your donation.


To donate to community organizations, call local schools, churches and hospitals in your area and ask how to donate scrapbooking supplies.


Be aware that if you choose to mail the items, you will incur shipping costs. If you have a large amount of supplies, you can save money by choosing an organization that has a local chapter in your area that you can deliver the items to in-person.