Many organizations are looking for generous individuals to donate both money, time and material items so they can service both the community and the individuals that depend on their generosity. If you have a projection TV you would like to donate, there are numerous charities that would gladly take your TV to raise money or possibly use the television for educational purposes.

How to Donate a Projection TV

Step 1.

Decide what kind of charity means most to you. Ask yourself if you would like to support the arts, your church, children or even animals.

Step 2.

Determine if a school near you may want to take the projection TV for educational purposes. Contact the school secretary of principal to see if they are interested in taking the television.

Step 3.

Consider if you want to donate your projection television to a political campaign or organization. They may need a projection TV for teaching or coaching volunteers.

Step 4.

Find your charity's contact information by searching on the internet or looking through the phone book. There are even websites that will help you find the right charity to donate your projection TV.

Step 5.

Get an approximate value of your projection TV. This will help you declare your article for a tax write off and help the charity price the item once they put it on the sales floor.

Step 6.

Arrange for pick up of the item. Some charities will pick up the TV while others will require you to drop off the item.


Check with your accountant to see what amount you are allowed to write off for taxes. Most often, you are not allowed to write off the retail price you originally paid for the television.