If you want to move the products in your grocery store, an attractive display is an effective way to do it. Whether you are running a sale and want to draw attention to it or are looking to move more of an item that hasn't sold many units, the basic principles remain the same. Keep your displays prominent, keep them well-stocked and make sure to have the prices clearly marked.

Fresh Seafood and Meat


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Fresh seafood and meat must be kept cold. All displays containing fresh meat and seafood must conform to this basic standard. Seafood displays should be reminiscent of the sea. Using blue on the outside of a refrigerated bin is a good start. Fish nets draped around the side of the bin or refrigeration unit make customers think of fresh catches. A lifesaver mounted to a large display case along with the net will get customers even more in the nautical mindset. For fresh meats, line the case with green mesh. Since green is the opposite of red, it will make the meat appear more vibrant in its packaging, thus making it seem more fresh.



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There are many ways of displaying fruits and vegetables to make them seem more attractive. Apples look great in bushels, as do gourds and squash. Don't fill the entire bushel. Instead, place a box in the bushel, cover it with light straw and place the produce in a convex and shallow layer on the straw. Lay a few on their sides on waist-high tables, and make different types of produce seem to be cascading out onto the table. Keep greens under a light that is white or has a blue tint. A yellow light will make the greens seem less fresh. Display produce on slanted tables to give the impression of abundance.

Canned and Boxed Goods


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Canned and boxed goods will be the majority of your displays. Creativity goes a long way in these displays. Use the cans or boxes as building blocks and create structures out of them. Pyramids and cubes are easy to build. If the packages that you are putting on display have generally monochromatic color schemes for different varieties, build a structure and spell out a word or phrase with a second color of box. For example, if you are using canned soda boxes, build the majority of the structure with one flavor, such as cola, and use another flavor of a contrasting colored box to spell out a word within the structure, such as the word, "cold."

Themed Displays


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Themed displays are convenient for consumers. They generally group together many different products that are necessary for a specific seasonal occasion, such as a summer cookout, Halloween, a New Year's party or a Super Bowl party. Such displays correspond well with seasonal or themed sales that your store may be running. A good idea for a themed display is to include items to define the theme. A backyard barbecue display might include a half-moon-shaped or three-sided wall of 12-pack beer can boxes stacked to chest height, a display of hanging grill equipment and a few racks of potato chips--all for sale at the store. It also could include a grill that isn't for sale as the centerpiece for the display.

Clearance Section


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Clearance sections in stores sometimes tend to look cluttered. This is because the clearance section is a grouping of all types of products sold in the store, from bottles to boxes to packets, all in varying sizes. To avoid this cluttered look, use shelves to group similar-sized item together. Don't be afraid to have one rack one week and five the next. Remove shelves, racks and tables when they begin to look sparse and consolidate your products.