When planning the decor of a business, one room is easy to forget: the bathroom. Bathrooms in professional places are different to decorate than other rooms; they need to impart a feeling of conservative comfort without the use of common furniture. In this room, your customers will be alone and tuned in to the environment around them--make it count.


Because the bathroom is one of a professional business, the color of the walls should be one of muted or neutral hues. A light bluish gray is great for a bathroom. Don't feel that you need to stick with a plain white or beige; most colors can be toned down to an acceptable hue for a business bathroom. For example, if green is your color of choice, an olive tone can work well in the space. Keep in mind that lighter colors enlarge small spaces while darker colors make them appear even smaller.


The color scheme of the bathroom should be simple and cohesive; stay away from combinations of colors that are bright and daring. Choose one or two accent colors that go well with your main wall color. Use these colors in small amounts throughout the room to tie the scheme together. Towels in the accent color that match other little accessories, such as a small vase of flowers by the sink or a border along the wall act together to make the room look polished.


One simple way to make a bathroom look more professional and modern is to pay close attention to the metals you choose for the fixtures. Use matching metal in a few places, like the sink, towel hanger and picture frames. While a classic shiny silver certainly lends the room a feeling of sleek professionalism, other options are available. A gold or copper color will make the fixtures pop. Frosted or antique finished metals also look great in a bathroom and can be done yourself with a little work.