Open enrollment meetings do not have to be boring. Though talking about employee benefit programs is often dry and uninteresting, there are ways to spice up the sessions. Human resources, in collaboration with the employer’s health plan carrier, can hold health fairs, health screenings and a “party” to present benefit information. Promoting these events to employees as more than just an open enrollment meeting will create a buzz and draw attendees.

Informational Health Fairs

Collaborate with your health plan vendors -- medical, dental, vision and wellness -- to hold a health fair. Ask each vendor to set up a booth with brochures about their services and attractive trinkets to draw employees to the booth. The vendor representatives will engage curious attendees and answer any questions about the benefit programs. Human resources representatives will host and make themselves accessible for employees to ask questions about their employee benefits programs.

Health Screenings

Offer employees free health screenings in conjunction with open enrollment meetings. Screenings can include checks of blood pressure, weight and body mass index (BMI), cholesterol and other metrics. Health professionals such as nurses administer the tests and explain the results to participating employees. If you offer wellness or condition management programs to employees, include a vendor representative to further explain the programs. Enroll employees with at-risk screening results into these programs on site.

Host a Party

Throw an open enrollment party. Hold meetings off site and provide food, drinks, and speakers from various departments. Make the meetings more of an event than a dry information-only presentation. Send out invitations that appear as if you are hosting a party. Offer raffle tickets to attendees and give away door prizes. Ask your health care vendors for promotional trinkets to give to attendees as they leave.