How to Get a Small Business Loan in Texas

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Starting a new business or increasing an existing one creates a demand for capital to buy equipment and supplies, rent space, hire employees, advertise and meet other needs. Qualifying for a small business loan is one of the most common ways to fund a small enterprise in Texas. Several state programs, Lone Star banks and even the federal Small Business Administration stand ready with funds for qualified small businesses.

Apply for a business loan with ACCION Texas. ACCION Texas provides information for the potential business owner to assist in determining and understanding the qualifications for eligibility and the process of applying for a small business loan. Financial lenders like ACCION Texas enable individual and organizational growth by striving for ways to help bring successful achievement for the business owner.

Submit an application to the U.S. Small Business Administration. The Small Business Administration (SBA) provides multiple opportunities for individuals and business owners to apply for business loans. A well-structured small business plan details how the owner plans to get the enterprise running and profitable. The educational information with SBA clarifies the laws in Texas, opportunities for training, resources for the borrower.

Apply online with the Texas Small Business Loan Fund and Business.Gov. The websites Texas Small Business Loan Fund and Business.Gov allow the business owner to search for the right grant or loan program. The websites provide details to help business owners determine and understand eligibility and the process of applying.

Talk to your current bank's executives to determine whether the institution has capital available for a small-business enterprise. If approved, the relationship with the bank could open new doors of opportunity. Obviously, being a longtime customer and having a good credit history encourages consideration when applying for small business loans.


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