How to Refund a Customer in Magento

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Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform that delivers a merchant interface loaded with features that enable you to successfully manage your Web store. Magento offers a cost-free Community edition and a premium Enterprise edition, which requires an annual subscription. Both editions enable you to perform functions such as managing your customers, editing and viewing customer profiles, running customer reports, managing orders, charging and invoicing customers and, when necessary, you can also issue refunds to your customers using the Magento interface. You can swiftly issue a refund by accessing the Sales menu.

Log in to your account at The administrative panel will be displayed automatically.

Hover your mouse over the "Sales" tab on the top-left region of the administrative panel window and click on the "Order" option from the drop-down menu. A list of all your existing orders will be displayed.

Scroll through the list of orders, find the order you want to refund and click the "View" link displayed beside that order.

Click the "Credit Memo" tab to start the refund process by generating a credit memo.

Scroll down the page to find the "Items to Refund" section. In the "Qty to Refund" field displayed beside the product you want to issue a refund for, type the quantity of product to refund. For example, if you are refunding two products, enter "2" in this field.

Click the check-mark displayed in the "Return to Stock" section if the product was returned to the Web store. Don't click this check-box if this isn't the case.

Click the option that says "Email Copy of Credit Memo" to automatically send a confirmation email to the customer who is receiving the refund. A window will appear, enabling you to further adjust the refund. On this window you can decide to refund the shipping, adjust the refund, or add an adjustment fee. If you want to make adjustments, enter the amount in the corresponding fields.

Check the "Total Refund" section on the window to confirm that the amount you are refunding is correct. If it is, click the "Refund" tab to process the refund. Your reports and invoice will be updated automatically. Click the "Back" tab to go back to the "Orders" page.